Advanced imaging

Phayronet's advanced imaging technologies provide striking visualization and present results relatively quickly to standard research methods. They can help in the decision-making processes at important junctions in the medical research at the pre-clinical and clinical stages. For example, the recreation of the brain's fiber systems can illustrate the treatment effects in various diseases such as multiple sclerosis, brain tumors and brain hemorrhage.

Based on popular opinion, medical imaging photos only represent a "simple picture of the body's tissue." New imaging technologies are likened to a kaleidoscope, through which the same organ can be observed by a number of methods, each time in a different perspective. Every type of image highlights more information on the disease.

Phayronet made inroads in search of advanced rehabilitation technologies, prioritizing on the capacity to conduct internal imaging and information gathering from live models throughout the trial. Phayronet unveils a whole new world on our type of studies and technologies that were only recently available to the academic community. A high-level presentation of the findings and the medical explanation for incidents that we witness enables us to observe the process and provide proof for the assumptions that stand at the basis of our research and development for a quick transition to clinical trials, which we can prove that Phayronet's treatment methods really do help people.