Nanometric tissue for cardiac rehabilitation

The Phayronet Company is also remarkable for its developmental effort in the field of nanometric sensors, widely utilized in the disease diagnosis. The whole idea of imaging is based upon the principle of animal smelling, except that instead of biological receptors which are in charge of converting the chemical message into the electrical signal, we intend to apply the nanometric electronic components, and instead of the brain which deciphers such messages, we are going to use computer algorithms.

In each and every disease some organic substances are emitted into blood and from there, even though in the tiniest quantities, they continue their way into lungs and respiration. Therefore, similar to the way a living creature learns how to identify certain smells, we in the Phayronet Company train and facilitate the artificial system, also known as “the electronic nose”.

The above system is capable of recognizing definite input models and templates which come out along with the tested person’s breathing.