Nanotechnology can be viewed as an entrance gate to upgrade the human body, and not just a means to cure the existing diseases

The Phayronet project is engaged in the technological development, whose key objective is to deliver various medicines to the sick cells. As aforesaid, the nanometric size systems are meant, which are able to evade or dodge the immune system of the body and to settle inside the certain cells only. The primary goal is to prevent secretion of undesirable inflammatory substances, to execute rigorous control over the mutant genes, like with cancer, and even to cause cancer cells destruction, whereas all that without doing any harm to the healthy cells.

In addition, in the Phayronet project we offer the selective molecular imaging options. This is kind of technology know-how that enables us to keep an eye on the specific cells which are considered sick, with minimal invasive intervention or possible harm caused to the body. We perform that by means of various imaging materials (e.g. iodine), which we attach to antibodies injected into the body. The above antibodies contain the imaging materials which are delivered straight to the injured area. The above-mentioned approach provides us with the variety of helpful tools through which we in the Phayronet project are capable of real-time following the malignant development from the very initial phase on, likewise of improving our control over this or that ailment.