Early Stage Product

We at Phayronet develop treatment-inhibiting substances such as secretion of infection and so on. This category also contains advanced substances designed to assist in wounds' disinfection (Octenilin) and biofilm treatment.

The category also works with other technologies that offer treatment at the tissue level, such as negative pressure, local and systemic oxygen, collagen-based skin grafts used to heal persistent wounds, burn surgeries and trauma meant to "complete the missing link" and make the injured body part look healthy and function normally again.

Wound-prevention technologies developed by Phayronet

This category mainly consists of state-of-the-art equipment designed to help prevent and treat existing wounds and limb recovery from trauma (Darco/Optima).

The category includes advanced personalized orthopedic footwear for slow-healing wounds, devices designed to prevent heel wounds, pressure dressing and socks for patients who suffer from venous insufficiency and more. Advanced air mattresses and pillows are currently used to treat and prevent pressure wounds as a solution for various patient weights and pressure-wounds' severity levels, as well as sitting- posture corrections.

In summary                                                

The wound-treatment industry with Phayronet developments is driven by a growing ageing population, a rise in chronic diseases (such as diabetes and hypertension) and technological advancements. The need for Phayronet devices is expected to grow along with the wounds-treatment market in the next few years. However, tissue engineering and products such as skin grafts coupled with biological growth factors are expected to fuel the market in the long run.