Phayronet systematic

These protein concentrations are high enough while they are located on cancer cells. The particles penetrate the cells and release there the RNA-messenger molecules from there. These are made in such a way that they fit any preferable gene and their effect lies in inhibiting production of the encoded albumen in the gene.



The Phayronet systematic approach toward treatment of the disease is based upon the thorough analysis of the disrupted dynamic networks, as well as upon the profound and detailed understanding of how the disease mechanisms work.

The above indicated technique introduces a radical change in all aspects of medicine, namely: holding more precise diagnoses, initiating novel and more effective approaches toward the very essence of treatment, and even promoting prophylaxis. This biologically-bound systematic insight will definitely bring about quite a few innovative technological developments, including the microscopic flow models, nanotechnologies, the newest measuring and imaging devices, let alone computational innovations, capable of analyzing and merging large amounts of biological data and building up a brand new and up-to-date model, totally compliant with all the above terms and conditions.