Projects, Research & Development

we had succeeded in enabling the electronic nose to detect lung cancer symptoms (both the malignant and benign ones, including identification of the various stages of the disease), we also enhanced our diagnostic opportunities of other cancer types (stomach, kidney, bladder etc.).

Apart from that, we have been exploring liver diseases, preeclampsia toxemia and tuberculosis, which are considered major causes of death in the countries of the third world.

One of our recently revealed biggest surprises in Phayronet has been our ability to spot the manifestations of the Parkinson’s disease, a neurologically related ailment.

We have disclosed the fact that changes in brain dopamine levels result in certain chemical outputs in blood coming out with breathing.

As of today, there is a series of operations conducted by surgeons with the help of robots. Given that we equip these robots with artificial skin sensors, we shall be able to achieve more sophisticated and complex motoric effects. Generally speaking, one can actually declare point blank that the sky is the limit to all the benefits we could gain from the above artificial skin sensors.