A Technological Breakthrough

Phayronet is a state-of-the-art bio technology company. The company's developments in the genome field have resulted in unprecedented improvements in cancer research, in view of the immense investment made by our research staff.


Our development gains expression in the development of personally adapted drugs. The advantage of this development from Phayronet's aspect is the saving of many resources on the part of patients who are forced to invest many resources until the appropriate cocktail is found for them.

Phayronet's development enables an almost immediate identification of the patient's type of problem. During the 2nd stage, a personal specific drug, specifically appropriate for the patient's problem is adapted in our state of the art laboratories.

As at the present, the results have proven that Phayronet's monumental development has assisted thousands of people to live a better life, which has gained expression in the following parameters: 

Avoidance of adverse effects – As is well known, drugs that are personally adapted to a patient diminish the adverse results and symptoms involved in receiving drugs. 

Cash savings – Phayronet's solution is substantially cheaper than the currently offered solutions. 

Quality of life – As a result of the personally adapted solution, the patient's quality of life is improved miraculously.

When a patient's quality of life leads our list of preferences by involving the world's best professional staff, the result is that we, at   Phayronet, have developed a state-of-the-art drug.