The development of chemotherapeutic medication in the format of nanoparticles can help reduce the frequency of possible side effects, due to the fact that the above drugs will be delivered straight to the tumor area.

We in the Phayronet project try our best to program these particles in such a way that they will deliver even more drugs, which in its turn will enable the researchers to invent and carry out novel treatments. The latter might easily target and eradicate cancer cells more effectively by means of avoiding side effects that are part and parcel of the ordinary chemotherapeutic cure. In their scientific article the researchers demonstrated their accomplishments and claimed that their brand new nanoparticles are able to annihilate ovarian cancer cells much more effectively than the particles that carry one or more drugs. Having successfully completed this stage, the researchers went on testing these particles as anti-tumor tools on animals.

Our new approach in Phayronet is as such: proteins are attached to the surface of the particles which are stationed on certain receptors.